Launching Sitka Ban, Sitka Capital’s business angels network

So, our project is on the road: Sitka Ban. We’ve made it. After three years of hard work from all the members of Sitka Capital.

Sitka Ban has changed us. It has affected the foundations of our investment group. It has turned everything round. Sitka Ban has set us on course to become a global investment group.

But what exactly does the birth of Sitka Ban mean for us? 

As well as constituting a new challenge, it is also the consolidation of Sitka Capital and a step towards long term goals. Those who have been following us for the past few years are aware that, initially Sitka Capital was created as an investment vehicle for digital start ups, with a five year investment period and a three to four year divestment period. That was our project, what we wanted at that time.

The number of Sitka Capital’s members, start up projects and forums has increased and so has the team, our vision and the impulse to make the project grow and become a long term enterprise.

So what is our plan? Thanks to Sitka Ban, one of a number of Sitka Capital investment group’s projects, entirely owned by Sitka Capital Partners, our parent company which also owns Sitka Seed Capital I (500 000 euros in 16 companies). The group now has two business units (the investment vehicle and the business angel network), the first of several linked to the venture capital sector.

This is the beginning of a very ambitious project with a focus on profit and sustainability.

What is the Sitka Ban challenge?

Sitka Ban is a network of private investors, born of the aim to disseminate a venture capital culture, as well as creating the largest business angel community in Europe.

Sitka Ban also addresses four of the issues in the investment environment:

– Improve Deal Flow in Spain.

– The lack of investors in Series A onward.

– Training for investors.

– Connecting with investors from the rest of Europe.

Our aim is to reach agreements for exchange of deal flow with the major European start up accelerators as well as involving our investment syndicates in venture capital in cities such as Berlin, Paris and London, among others.

Sitka Ban focuses on boosting companies at initial phases (seed capital) and at start up phase (Series A) and is open to experienced investors, as well a novel investors whose aim is to learn from experienced business angels and reputed venture capital investors. Our network includes private investors, business angels, venture capital investors, family offices and other investment agents and bodies of the national and international environment.

How are we different from other  Business Angels Networks?

Our international outlook (international deal flow and international VCs), as well as the technology we use to reach our members sets us apart from other organizations. Our members can take part in our forums, training and all our activities from anywhere in the world.

Some of the advantages of SITKA BAN :

National and international Deal Flow 

We have reached agreements with the major incubators, accelerators, venture builders and risk capital funds in Spain and the environments of cities such as Berlin, Paris, lisbon, London, among others.

Investment Forums

SITKA BAN holds five investment forums in Barcelona and five in madrid annually. The forums set up can be brunches, lunches, all morning sessions and can include conferences, training sessions or round tables as well as the presentation of the entrepreneurs’ projects.


Co- investment with international business angels

Investment with SITKA BAN is channeled via co-investments syndicates. SITKA BAN facilitates con-investment among the members of the network or with other networks or co-investors, such as risk capital funds or other bodies with which we have agreements.

Training in Venture Capital

As a member of our network you will access conferences, courses, workshops and webinars which we provide for our members. Access can be online or on site. Members also have a discount in the paying courses we organize (courses for business angels and courses for startup lawyers, among others).

SITKA BAN member meet ups

As well as at the Investment Forums, members get a chance to meet each other at the annual networking events SITKA BAN organizes for its Barcelona and madrid members to share experiences.

What are the benefits for startups?

Investment Forums

Sitka Ban affords startups the chance to present their projects to our network of investors. SITKA BAN holds at least ten forums each year.

Project Exposure

Sitka Ban provides an online platform for members to access all the projects presented to the network. Startups get maximum exposure with all the members of Sitka  Ban.

Co- Investment with national and international investors  

Sitka Ban facilitates co-investment among our members and with other national and international bodies, with an aim to complete the funding rounds of the companies which access our network.

Public Funding 

On request, SITKA BAN advises and facilitates access to public funding available to each sector. r.

That’s it. we hope you become a member of Sitka Ban and join us on this passionate challenge which begins today.

You can become a member here.

Thank you and see you soon.

Management team at Sitka Capital Partners.

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