At Sitka Ban we don’t wait for the deal flow to come to our doorstep, we go and find talent wherever it may be


At Sitka Ban we do not wait for deal flow to come to us. At SITKA BAN we go out in search of talent wherever it may be. We focus on attracting to our network the best startups in Europe and thus, the most experienced investors in Spain and the rest of Europe. That’s the difference.


National and international Deal Flow

We have reached agreements with the best incubators and accelerators, venture builders and venture capital funds in Spain and in environments such as Berlin, Paris, Lisbon, London, among others).

Investment Forums

Sitka Ban holds five investment forums in Barcelona and five in Madrid. These will take the form of working brunches, lunches or whole morning forums. They will include conferences, training courses or round tables, as well as the presentation of the entrepreneurs’ projects.

Co- investment with international business angels

Investment with Sitka Ban is channeled via co-investors in syndicates.  Sitka Ban facilitates co-investment among members of the network or other co-investors, such as risk capital funds or other investment organizations with whom we have agreements.

Training in Venture Capital

As a member of our network, you will have access to conferences, courses, workshops and webinars. All of these will be accessible either on-line or on-site. You will aso have a discount rate for the paying courses we organize (Business angel courses and courses for startup lawyers, among others).

SITKA BAN member meet ups

As well as at the Investment Forums, the members of the network can get together at the annual SITKA BAN networking event, for the Barcelona and Madrid members to compare notes and share experiences.