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Global Deal Flow

Sitka Ban is a network of private investors fostered by  Sitka Capital, with the aim of conveying the culture of Venture Capital in Spain. In order to achieve this, Sitka Ban aims to create the largest community of business angels in Europe. Sitka Ban is created to solve two problems in the investment environment: Improve the Deal Flow and the lack in Investors in Series A onward. Sitka Ban has come to deal flow exchange agreements with prestigious global start-up accelerators, as well as involving venture capital syndicates in cities such as Berlin, Paris and London.

Sitka Ban  is focused on boosting companies at initial stages (seed capital) and at the start up stage (Series A) and is open to experienced investors, as well as those new investors who wish to learn from the experience of the most reputed business angels and venture capital. This is why our network includes private equity investors, business angels, venture capital investors, family offices and other agents or investors both national and international.

Sitka Ban  is a member of AEBAN (Asociación de Business Angels de España) and EBAN (European Business Angels Network).


At Sitka Ban we don’t wait for the deal flow to come to our doorstep,
we go and find talent wherever it may be.

At Sitka Ban, the focus is on attracting the best start ups in Europe.

That way, we also attract the most experienced investors in Spain and the rest of Europe.

That’s what makes us different.


Looking for talent

Investment forums, project visibility, co-investments with national and international investors, public funding

Become a member

Any investor or company can become a member of the Sitka Ban network

Any investor or company can become a member of the Sitka Ban network. If you are a private investor, but lack the experience of investing in start-ups, you can learn from experienced co-investors. If you are a business angel or a capital risk investing body, Sitka Ban provides you with international deal flow and you will be able to invest together with other investors. And if you are a company, Sitka Ban enables you to find the most disruptive innovations of your sector.